Congratulations to the CFX Golden Apple Award Winner...

Congratulations to Jason Byrne from Shepherd Middle School

The February 2024 CFX Golden Apple Award Winner


Jaxon Rademacher said He is a very good teacher and good person in general who generally changes the life of his students for the better and was able to help me get a hold of myself and develop me into the person I am today with integrity and grit.            


Grace Danielski said He motives me helps me do things that I would have just gave up on,he helps me understand things, he also understands that not everyone learns the same way, he won’t baby you he will tell you what’s needs to be done and if you need help and ask him for it he will always give you that help. There is so much more I can say about mr. Byrne he is just overall a great teacher.         


Nevaeh Waterman said It gives students an opportunity to take a harder course than just regular fitness or gym. It gives students the ability to learn more about the Marine corps as well, giving them a better look at military options as well as regular job options. It teaches students discipline and leadership and it gives the student the confidence to do much more than they did before.


Bentley Hilliard said he has a class called semper fit it’s special for people when they take it it treats you well and makes you act well       


Garon Swoffer said Because he started a class called semper fit and semper fit is a class where you get thought how to do stuff like marines. He shows us how to march and teaches us leadership and how to be a better person. We do field ops and learn how to work together with other people. He is a mentor and is an awesome person.


Gwenevere Jones said He started a new “advanced” fitness class that is called Semper Fit…it follows the Marines type structure…this class gave my daughter confidence, respect, teamwork, and community involvement. These kids get so much out of this class at a very optimal time when they are physically and mentally awkward. The class started on the last trimester of last year, and fills up each semester quickly. These kids volunteer as part of their class activities, they hold doors open for elderly/disabled, they all sit together at lunch, even when they graduate from the class. It’s a very special class with huge rewards for all involved, and Mr Byrnes is leaving a very positive impression with all of these kids!!


Brianna Holmes said Jason Byrne is a great teacher and leads a group at shepherd called semper fit. Semper fit Is a physical group to learn about the military. Jason was a corporal in the US marines. He is a great mentor and really cares for his students and the people around him.     


MeKahna Seeley said This person is so special because he is our Semper fit teacher. Semper fit is a class based off the Marine Core where you do all kinds of training, running, teaching, and field ops. Mr. Byrne has helped me through almost everything. He has made all of his students so much more a mature and got them to like more things and make more friends. I say he deserves the award because he is the kindest, funniest, and most helpful teacher ever. He also takes great care of everyone and gives great advice.        


Heidi Salm said He made a difference for many people with his created class called semper fit based of the marine corp. giving many people confidence and other skills.