Congratulations to the December 2022 CFX Golden Apple Award Winner...

Steve Darnell from Chippewa Hills High School

Nevaeh Flory nominated Steve...

Mr. Darnell is one of the most, if not the most, selfless and radiant people I’ve ever met in my life. All throughout teaching math, to coaching, and even to supporting his kids at sporting events, etc. I have never witnessed him give anything less than 100%. Nor have I ever witnessed him do anything less than constantly look at the positive aspects of anything he’s encountered in the two years of having him as a teacher.

Even if you’re simply walking down the hallway at school, Mr. Darnell will be out there with his speaker playing music waiting to greet you by name, a nickname he made for you, an inside joke, or even just a random joke.

In all that Mr. Darnell does for the district, he’s also a lifesaver, literally. My sophomore year (2021-22) I was going through one of the hardest times in my life. I felt that I had nobody at all. There were months where I had only come to school 0-5 days out of the entire month. I was constantly ill and bedridden, which just affected my mental so much more. Mr. Darnell however, was the only one, to this day, to ever notice that change in my life. I had completely flipped scripts and went from straight A’s to just barely passing. On the days I was able to come to school I could almost never keep my eyes open long enough for the lessons. Mr. Darnell would joke about how much school I missed, along with every other student and teacher. Nevertheless, one day he had stopped joking and had called me over after the bell rang to check on me. After that day, Mr. Darnell would always make sure I was still kicking. There were even a few days where I came into school early just to vent about my hardships and how I felt towards everything. Not only was he my my pre-calc teacher at this point but he was also someone that truly listened to me. Which was something that never really happened because as a naturally louder person, everything you say is overlooked. Long story short, Mr. Darnell cares and cared about much more than just what happens inside of the classroom. Which is a trait I believe is so much harder to find in educators today than it should be. Ironically enough, I would even doubt some days that he really cared about what I was saying and that he wasn’t just doing his job. Simply because that’s what I was used to experiencing. Mr. Darnell’s words made hope seem just a tiny bit brighter every day in fifth period. And unknowingly so, Mr. Darnell did in fact save my life and not a day goes by that I don’t think about how differently my sophomore year could’ve and would’ve gone without him. So thank you, “Darrell”, for everything.