Congratulations to this month's CFX Golden Apple Award Winner!

Congratulations to Katie Hausbeck at Mt Pleasant Sacred Heart Academy - June 2022 CFX Golden Apple Award Winner

Kristen Skiver nominated Katie Hausbeck, who teaches math at Sacred Heart Academy in Mt Pleasant - Kristen said she was nominating Katie for the Golden Apple Award due to her dedication to teaching and her commitment to students. Kristen said Katie teaches math at Sacred Heart Academy and my son was struggling in her Algebra class. Katie committed her mornings, before school, to helping and teaching my son the concepts that he was struggling to grasp. Katie spent several mornings instructing one on one, and my son was able to understand the concepts and turned his math grade from a C to an A. Katie’s dedication to the classroom and her students is unparalleled. She is a committed educator and has dedicated herself to teaching and helping students thrive in an area that does not come easy to most, math. Katie does not have to use her own time before school to help students but due to her dedication and desire for student success she chooses to make a difference in the lives of her students. Katie deserves this award for going above and beyond to achieve student success.